Border Fusion focuses on the underdeveloped range of markets and services oriented on and around border region ports of entry (pOEs).

People Centered Infrastructure           

Our initiative partners include the North Americana Research Partnership (NARP) which will analyze the strategic value of cross-border “people-centered” infrastructure and identify opportunities and policies which can strengthen global trade. One Million People Cross Through U.S.-Mexico Ports of Entry Every Day. The continuing growth of cross-border traffic is of vital importance to Port of Entry Communities and a North American trade competitiveness environment more broadly. We envision great opportunities for the development of commercial, hospitality, educational and research centers, multi-modal transportation, medical tourism and public spaces. Such unique and exciting border-as-destination urban environments can be places of cultural and educational exchange, workforce development and stronger commerce.

Cross Border Urban Environments

Our initiative’s perspective is global because we believe that both private and public investment in Port of Entry Communities must be connected in a strategic fashion to enhance North America's trade position in the world. We believe a new “North American Competitive Spirit” can and should be grounded in border community economic development. This will lead to new levels of cross-sector collaboration and increase awareness of the many exciting border region issues and opportunities and can foster a new culture of cross-border innovation. The Border Fusion Initiative will adapt and utilize a “Collective Impact” model for the private sector in order to increase stakeholder knowledge, cross-sector collaboration and create a magnified voice on border region challenges and opportunities.

Border as Destination

In the coming months we will be reaching out to interested stakeholders about the Border Fusion Initiative. We encourage your support and participation in this ground-breaking action program designed to engage all committed to improving the U.S.-Mexico relationship and North American global trade. A truly viable North American trade environment for competing globally requires deepened and meaningful U.S.-Mexico economic cooperation. This must include the very place where people, language, image and economic activity come together: Our Port of Entry Communities which should serve not merely as transit points but as strategic and regional points of destination in...Border Fusion! People-centered infrastructure” & strategic cross-border smart-growth urbanism promoting North America for competitive Global Impact.