"Strategic Alignment And Urbanization Of Cross-Border Infrastructure Designed To Power North America In The Global Economy."


People and Pedestrian Focus

A truly viable North American trade environment for competing globally requires deepened and meaningful U.S.-Mexico economic cooperation. This must include the very place where people, language, image and economic activity come together: Our Port of Entry Communities which should serve not merely as transit points but as strategic and regional points of destination.

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Cross Border Urban Environments

Photo Credit:  ms.akr

Photo Credit: ms.akr

Our initiative’s perspective is global because we believe that both private and public investment in Port of Entry Communities must be connected in a strategic fashion to enhance North America's trade position in the world.

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Border as Destination

The continuing growth of cross-border traffic is of vital importance to Port of Entry Communities and a North American trade competitiveness environment more broadly. We envision great opportunities for the development of commercial, hospitality, educational and research centers, multi-modal transportation, medical tourism and public spaces.

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